Mr P approached us having had an offer accepted to purchase the flat adjacent to the one he and his family had been renting. Mr P had just returned to the UK, having worked abroad for the previous ten years, moving location globally several times. He had spoken to his bank and was surprised that, although he had kept his personal banking with them throughout his time overseas and they had full insight into his financial circumstances, they were not able to assist him as he had not been resident in the UK long enough.

To add to the complication, Mr P was a shareholder in the business where he worked and his income been paid to him from several different jurisdictions and currencies over the years, and, latterly, from the UK subsidiary of the global business.

We approached a building society and presented the clients circumstances, providing evidence of income by way of accountant’s certificates from the various locations around the world, along with a company structure chart, explaining how the businesses were related.

The client’s mortgage was approved at 70% loan to value on a discounted product with an initial rate of 3%. The process took 4 weeks from initial enquiry to mortgage offer.