village The first thing you need to ask yourself when looking for a good mortgage deal is: what is the first thing about mortgages. Do you know it? We sure do! Mortgage deals are an expensive piece of business, so why would you risk rushing into a disadvantageous deal if you don’t think you are an expert in the field? Be thoughtful of your money and invest carefully. If you contact our advisers here, at The Mortgage Broker , you will get a hundred per cent specialised attention and advice suited specifically to your needs and unique situation. Our experts will help you choose between a number of great deals and will advise you about the fine details of each of them.

Don’t waste your time going from one bank to another and getting only a fraction of the information you actually need. We offer you all the information about available deals right on the spot, thus saving you not only time but also money. We work with a large number of lenders who represent the whole of the market so if there is a deal out there for you and your family we will find it. All of our advisers know how to examine and understand the fine details of your deal and so they will be able to point out the pros and cons of any deal.

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They will also be able to give you more information and advise you about the different types of mortgages offered and which one is the best for you. For example, do you know what is the difference between fixed rate, variable rate and tracker mortgage, and which one is suited best for your situation? We do, and after assessing your needs carefully, we will be able to advise you on the matter. Even more importantly, we will help you decide whether you can afford a given mortgage or whether it would be challenging for your budget further down the road. This is extremely important, as a mortgage is a long-term investment and so you need to think for your future incomes and expenditures when considering a given deal. You also need to think about important “details” such as home ownership costs that you may not necessarily consider when making a deal, but that are essential for your mortgage and budget stability. Having been in the business for many years, we are aware of all these aspects of a deal that you need to consider when looking for a mortgage, so we will make sure you don’t overlook them and regret it later.

Lastly, what makes us stand out from all the other mortgage advisers is the long term custom service. We don’t simply help you find a good deal, but we hold all the information about your mortgage and we remind you of approaching deadlines when the mortgage is about to expire. At that point, we also present to you all the new good deals that you might want to consider should you want a new mortgage.

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