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Peterborough is a city near Cambridge in the east of England, with a total population of approximately 200,000 people. The local area is flat and low-lying, with some areas below sea level. As a result, Peterborough is very popular with locals and tourists alike.

If you are thinking about moving to Peterborough to take up a new job, or indeed you are looking for a place to live that will be less strenuous for your health than your current location, then Peterborough certainly has a lot to offer. The local economy is among the best in the UK, with a lot of employment centred on the service industry, so if you are looking for a new start, then Peterborough has to be considered a viable option. The local topography is flat, which means that pushing wheelchairs or pushchairs is almost effortless. Also, there are no hills to cause added wear and tear to arthritic knees and joints.

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There are pros and cons to living anywhere and if you live locally then you will already be aware of the location of the best schools and local amenities. If you are moving in from outside the area you will want to secure honest, unbiased, local advice; especially when you are buying a house in the area.

As mortgage brokers working in Peterborough we must be your first port of call. As independent advisers, we work on your behalf! Our job is to get you the very best mortgage deal with the lowest interest rates. Because our business concern is in Peterborough, we are ideally placed to give you background information about the local area, for example, the nicest residential areas, the best performing schools and those areas with a sense of community spirit: those areas where there is always something going on.

Not only can your Peterborough based mortgage broker advise you on the different aspects of the local area, he can also give you crucial advice on how to save money and may well be able to negotiate with estate agencies on your behalf to secure you a better deal. After all, who knows the local area better than someone who lives and works in the area?

Peterborough is a vibrant and exciting city, there are many events spaced across the social calendar, including beer festivals and the famous Burghley Horse Trials. There are three local shopping centres providing a paradise for consumers, together with various farmers’ markets and craft fairs. With a wealth of green space and Green Flag award winning parks, there are lots of options to keep any children occupied too. For the budding ecologist, there are 29 active conversation areas in force in the local area.

Peterborough is a beautiful, historical city which welcomes visitors every day. However, if you do decide that this is the right move for you and you wish to make the city your permanent home, get some local advice first and speak to The Mortgage Broker.