newmarketChoosing a mortgage broker from Newmarket can be difficult job. With many options available how do you know a good broker when you see one?

Good Brokers Are Selected by Borrowers

Good brokers enjoy referrals from previous customers.

Ask your broker for testimonials; ask your friends and relatives for a recommendation, do some internet research and you will find lot of referrals from my previous customers.

Experience and extraordinary customer care are making customers coming back to us every time they need new loans.

Good Brokers Are Financial Planners

Mortgages should fit properly into a household’s overall financial situation and goals.

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Broker’s financial planner skills are esencial for choosing who will take care of you money.

Good Brokers Are Good Listeners

Instead of sitting down and pretending to know what kind of mortgage you need we will question you about your household’s overall financial situation and goals.

Once we learn a bit more about you, unique options are will be offered, options that fit into your overall financial situation and your future goals.

Good Brokers will make sure you feel confident about the person who is organising your mortgage.

Good brokers keep their clients informed, updated with all the details, they will be experienced and always available for their customers.

Good Brokers are masters in details

Mortgages have many details that must be checked against criteria before a loan can close. Overlooking even one piece of criteria can delay the closing, which could be costly to you, the borrower.

Is your Mortgage Broker experienced?

Mortgage transactions are complicated; you can’t learn all the lenders criteria overnight.

With over 40 years collective experience in the mortgage market we can guarantee professionalism and quality.

Good Brokers Can Communicate Effectively With Borrowers

Mortgage transactions are complicated and if you don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask about it.

Being able to explain mortgage transactions into easy to understand language for average person shows the dedication to the customers, making sure they will come back again when they need new loans.

A Good Broker Tries to Find the Best Price Available For Your Deal

You can do this for yourself but why bother? Brokers get their deals and rates from all mortgage lenders in the form of modern software and technology, all of which are formatted differently and have individual lending criteria, making comparisons in a ‘best buy’ table difficult.

Choosing The Mortgage Broker Newmarket will guarantee that you will have the best deal available for your circumstances.

A Good Broker Operates Transparently

We will offer you full transparency, keeping you updated will all the details every step of the way, explained in easy to understand language.

Remember, some lenders don’t have branches and only deal through mortgage brokers.

Don’t miss out on some good opportunities by ruling out using a mortgage broker – Some great exclusive deals can be had by using a mortgage broker.

There is more…

There are lots more things that make us stand from the crowd and make us a successful mortgage broker.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save money and get better deals.