morleySituated just five miles south west of Leeds City Centre, the small historic market town of Morley is well known for its seven hills as well as its humble beginnings as a village associated with woollen textiles.

Morley quickly grew into a working class town and housing was built to suit the needs of people who were starting to arrive in the area. Today, the town of Morley and its surrounding areas offers a wonderful opportunity to those who are looking to invest in property or to make this quaint little town a place to call their home.

Modern day Morley has a lot to offer for the property investor; with its excellent transport links into Leeds City Centre, buying and renting out a property in the Morley area is a simple and profitable business. The rental market in most areas of Leeds can be described as very lucrative, but with such a large variety of property types available, and all the amenities you will ever need right on the doorstep, it is easy to see why so many people chose to live in the Morley area.

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Morley is a great place to buy. Whether you are looking for a large detached family residence or a small apartment in a converted church building, this place has something for everyone. Once you have fallen in love with this friendly little town, you will find that buying a property requires a quick turnaround on a mortgage decision and that is something that we, as proficient mortgage brokers, do well.

Being such a popular town, there is nothing more frustrating than finding that one place you adore only to find that it had been sold to an alternative buyer because you are still awaiting a decision on your mortgage application. It is with an unrivalled experience that we and our teams of mortgage advisers across the country bring to you the very best mortgage deals on the market.

Working to suit your timetable, The Mortgage Broker knows how important time is to you; therefore we make ourselves available to customers whenever they need our services. If you’d like to make your mortgage enquiries by email or over the telephone, then that’s fine by us. However, if you do prefer the more conventional method of face to face meetings then this can be arranged at a time and location to suit you.

As experts in our field, we work with some of the best lenders in the area to bring you a mortgage deal that suits your income and personal requirements. Whether you are a first time buyer, a property investor or looking to re mortgage, our team of specialist brokers are well placed to advise you on all the latest mortgage products on the market, making your property purchase as cost effective as possible.

With so many mortgage deals available on the market today, many people can find the prospect of choosing a home loan rather daunting, but with our simple approach, we can work together to find the best deal out there for you with a fast turnaround ensuring you don’t miss out on the property you desire.