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Ten years ago, mortgage deals were easy to come by and all types of mortgages were available with very little information needed with only the poorest candidates being turned down for mortgages by the banks. Not so today, the mortgage market has gone through a transformation with lending criteria being tightened up making it that more difficult to get your mortgage approved.

At the Mortgage Broker Cardiff we are the middle men between you and the lending institutions. We are not locked into any bank’s rates or any one lender and will offer you a wide range of deals from the whole of the market. We will take all your information you give us and search our huge network of banks, building societies and specialist mortgage lenders to find just the right fit for your particular needs. We also have access to small local lenders not in the mainstream network and to exclusive deals.

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Here are all the benefits of choosing Mortgage Broker Cardiff to work for you:

  • Whole of market mortgage advice with a lending decision within minutes.
  • Better for people who have trouble qualifying at the standard high street banks and building societies.
  • We can handle the more complex deals more efficiently.
  • We can obtain exclusive deals and rates that are not obtainable on the high street.
  • We will do the legwork for you, save you time, compare all the available deals for you.
  • We offer more flexibility.
  • We are friendlier, less bureaucratic and give you more personalised service.
  • As a broker we are paid a commission from the lender, and do not take an upfront fee from you – In some scenarios a small administration fee may be charged at completion of the mortgage depending on the complexities involved. Think of mortgage brokers as similar to estate agents when buying a house. When you go to an estate agent to look, you don’t only look at houses that their particular company has listed; no, you are shown all the houses they have access to through a centralised data base, so that you can find the perfect one. The same is true when searching for your lender, your broker will search for the right deal for you and will choose one that will fit best and work well in your situation.