brighton street scene with ferris wheelBuying or remortgaging a home or in Brighton is often the largest purchase / transaction that many people will make in their lives. Or should I say they buy a house in hopes of making it a home. There is a huge difference in the two. When you hear the word house that usually gives a different image than when you hear the word home. Hearing the word home stirs images and memories, usually of comfort, family and holidays. It is a personal thing.

As a mortgage broker with advisers in the local area we realise this – You are buying a house to make it a home. The new house represents many people’s lifetime dreams and hopes for the future. At the Mortgage Broker we realise that your dreams, are not just a paper or online application. Often the home is for your family although you could be buying for an investment. This new home is a place for your children to live, play and grow into adults.

At the mortgage broker we understand these things, we are not working for a multinational company where you are just a number on an application and we like to think that we offer a personalised service. If you call us to enquire on how you mortgage application is progressing we will know who you are and exactly at what stage of the process you are at as we work with the most up to date technology that tracks your application . If you do call our office and speak to someone other than your mortgage adviser that member of staff will be able to help and assist you.

On occasion we get clients that are rushed for a mortgage. Sometimes they are rushed because they have applied to one of the mortgage lenders only to have their application stall or even worse declined without a sufficient explanation. The mortgage lenders will often have a set of guidelines and criteria and if you do not fit those guidelines they will refuse your application so you need to be sure that your mortgage broker knows the different lenders criteria inside out.

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A simple reason for the decline could be as little as you’ve lived in one location for two years but their minimum is three years, less than three they deny your application.

As an award winning mortgage broker we will find a mortgage to fit your requirements, not the other way around, looking for people to fit our mortgages!

Before you become lost in the crowd of mortgage giants give us a call. We will give you personal service and you will never be just a file on our computer. Buying a home is a personal thing and we offer personalised service. Give us a call and get your home purchase off to the right start.