Over the years London has been the backdrop to countless blockbusters and TV programs and has made many normal locations iconic. From period dramas to fast-paced action thrillers it seems London has the right buildings and settings for any film!

We’re going to dive straight into the heart of England’s capital and take a look at some of the famous buildings that have hit our screens and helped movie makers make their millions. From the south of London all the way over to the East-end, here are ten of the best filming locations in London!

University College of London – Inception


When Cobb meets architecture student Ariadne in the box office smash Inception they are actually in the Flaxman Gallery of the University College of London. The Gallery is named after famous British sculptor John Flaxman – a leading figure in British and European Neoclassicism.

Grosvenor Chapel – Love Actually


Situated in London’s Mayfair, Grosvenor Chapel was used as the location for the wedding scene at the beginning of the romantic blockbuster, Love Actually.  The film shot all over London but no scene or building stood out more than this lovely chapel in the ‘all you need is love’ scene in the movie!

33 Portland Place – The King’s Speech


This Georgian House in Marylebone is used heavily throughout the award winning film, The King’s Speech. The rooms inside are used as Lionel Logues’s consulting room where King George VI (Colin Firth) learns to cope with his stammer. The same rooms were also used for the music video of Amy Winehouse’s No.1 smash Rehab.

Somerset house – Sleepy Hollow


Somerset house is featured in Sleepy Hollow when Ichabod Crane and Katrina move to New York. Of course Somerset House is not in New York at all but south side of the Strand in central London. Other roles Somerset House has played include Buckingham Palace in an episode of TV drama Spooks and many Scenes of The Duchess, featuring Keira Knightly, were also filmed here.

Wandsworth Prison – A Clockwork Orange


Wandsworth Prison is the curious star-shaped prison that gang-leader Alex is imprisoned in during the cult film. We only see an aerial shot but it is also the same prison that is mentioned in the novel.

Farmiloe Building – Batman


The Farmiloe Building in Farringdon acts as Gotham City Police HQ in all three Christopher Nolan Batman films. As well as being in the Batman films, this Victorian building plays the part of Trans-Siberian, an upmarket restaurant used by mobsters in the film Eastern Promises. 

The Savoy – Notting Hill


This Famous hotel, which has welcomed illustrious guests from Claude Monet and Oscar Wilde to Barbra Streisand and Elton John, was also the setting for the popular Romcom Notting Hill. It is in the hotel’s Lancaster Room where the romantic finale of the movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant takes place. The Savoy was also used in the music video for Duran Duran’s song Girl Panic.

Broadgate Tower – Skyfall


This latest Bond installment takes us to Shanghai but not all the buildings were in China. London’s Broadgate Tower was lit up to look like a Shanghai office block. Broadgate Tower is London’s fourth tallest tower.

Australia House – Harry Potter


Australia house is used for the quirky interior of the wizard’s bank, ‘Gringott’s’ in many of the Harry Potter films. Although the outside of the bank has previously been used as a set, the inside of this London landmark was used to create the magical bank where Harry has many adventures.

Greenwich Royal Naval College – The Dark Knight Rises


Our last London film destination is the rooms and roads of the Greenwich Royal Naval College. The roads within the establishment are often used for high stunt films and period films and have been featured in Sherlock Holmes, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and more recently the screen adaptation of Les Miserables. The rooms have also been used in The Dark Knight Rises and The King’s Speech to name but two!

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