How to increase your Online Property Sales Enquiries by 18% for FREE – with just one tiny catch…

ZZZzzz… You’ve heard it all before…

You probably already doubt the validity of the above statement, as I am sure you have heard it all before. However, this FREE software has proved itself to deliver an increase in your online property sales enquiries.

Have you ever sat at your desk thinking of ways to increase your sales enquiries? Imagine what an increase in your leads would do to your profitability? STAND OUT from the competition, who is a vendor more likely to choose; your business with a huge database of new potential buyers via your website or one of your competitor’s who are still marketing their property the same way they always have done?

That’s where The Affordability Widget comes in. It’s a simple addition to your website that allows visitors to find out how much they can be confident of borrowing. In tests, we’ve seen it consistently increase sales enquiries by 18% for our existing estate agent partners. Now that’s not a bad return for 2013 with no additional effort on your side!

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The Free Affordability widget

I can provide you with an ‘add on’ to your existing website, allowing your clients when searching online to search for property based on their own affordability. The software will take into account your clients income and current mortgage rates to show them how much a property that you have for sale, less their deposit, will cost them on a monthly basis. This will allow your potential buyer to stay on your website as they have all the tools they need to make an informative decision on the type of new home they wish to buy and can afford – All you need to do is have the right property listed for them.

The Tiny catch…

So you are asking yourself, all of this for free, what am I missing and where’s the catch?

All I would like in return is to do the mortgage business for your clients and of course it goes without saying that I will pass a percentage of the commission generated back to you to ensure you don’t miss out on the valuable passive income stream – It’s a win / win situation for those of you without contracted mortgage advisers in branch.

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[rb_list_item]No contracts – although I would like to suggest that you at least give me 6 months to prove to you that it works and to show that there is an increase in your profit.[/rb_list_item]
[rb_list_item]FREE – I will provide you this widget at absolutely no cost, all you will have to do is ask your web developer to integrate the software into your site which will take less than 15 minutes.[/rb_list_item]
[rb_list_item]Guarantee – I guarantee that this software will deliver increased leads and profitability to you – If it doesn’t then remove the software and go back to the way that you used to generate leads.[/rb_list_item]

Find out more…

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ACT NOW – Expires on the 27th February 2013

No. I might be tempted to say that you’ll only let one advertiser in each town use it, but that obviously limits the number of sites you can have. But some kind of limit is very powerful in increasing response (scarcity is one of the 6 influencing tactics for making a sale happen).

Yours Sincerely,

Darren Pescod
The Mortgage Broker Ltd