One of the first things we will do, we tell ourselves, when we finally achieve fame and fortune (or win the lottery) is to by ourselves a massive pile in the countryside. We will live in a mansion, with perhaps town houses in New York, Paris and London. Our mansion will have all mod cons, plus little luxuries such as a swimming pool and a home cinema.

Here’s a guide to the top five mansions owned by people who have done just that – stars of the big and small screen in the USA are notorious for their massive homes, but how many of us are aware of quite how opulent these mansions are. Let’s take a look…

5. Jerry Seinfeld’s East Hampton home

Situated on 14 acres of well-tended lawns in his beloved New York state, the TV comedian bought his mansion off rocker Billy Joel 12 years ago for a mere $32 million. The “magnificent Tudor-style waterfront manor,” according to its estate agent, is composed of three different buildings and boasts 24 rooms – eight of which are bathrooms – with a fully-equipped gymnasium, swimming pools both inside and out, a bowling alley, a tennis court, wine cellar and music room – and if you come to stay but snore loudly, there’s even a “guest cottage” separate from the main structure.

4. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s mansion in Calabasas, California

The Fresh Prince has come a long way since Bel Air – well, not that far, since his $20 million pile is located near the Santa Monica Mountains in California, where the grounds boast a private lake, tennis and basketball courts and two par three golf courses. The mansion took seven years to build, with the Pinkett Smiths only moving in in 2004, and only a year later they were forced to flee when brushfires threatened the area. Happily, the mansion and its grounds survived intact, and the Hollywood royalty live there to this day.

3. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Beverly Hills mansion

The opulent L.A. city of Beverly Hills is known for its many celebrity mansions, but few are as palatial as that of Mariah Carey and her husband’s. Named Fleur de Lys, the mansion is listed as one of the most expensive in the USA, being put on sale for a cool $125 million when its builder, Texas billionaire David Saperstein, lost it in his 2006 divorce to his ex-wife. The mansion has 15-bedrooms, a library, a ballroom, a 50-seater cinema and two kitchens.

2. John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s home in Ocala, Florida

Very few houses in the world come with their own airstrip, but Battlefield: Earth star John Travolta’s Florida pile has just that, enabling the actor to taxi his Gulfstream and Boeing 707B (below) private jets right outside two outbuildings connected to his $2.5 million home, which lies some 50 miles north-west of Orlando. The 6,400 square foot mansion is built to resemble an air-control tower – that’s how crazy about flying John Travolta is!


1. Candy Spelling’s massive LA manor

Actually, this property is currently owned by Formula 1 racing supremo Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter Petra, who bought it for $85 million last July, but its true history lies with TV mogul Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy. Spelling made a fortune from TV hits such as “Dynasty”, “Charlie’s Angels” and “Beverly Hills, 90210”, and sunk some of it into this 56,500 square-foot, 123-room estate, which he had built in 1988 for $12 million in the exclusive Holmby Hills district of Los Angeles – making it the biggest house in LA County.
The property has such luxuries as a bowling alley, a single room just for gift wrapping, a whole floor exclusively turned over to wardrobe space, a cinema, a tennis court, swimming pool, and numerous bedrooms. Its parking amenities are equally spectacular, with room for 100 vehicles in the car park, 16 carports and four two-car garages.


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