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Outstanding Mortgages Common Among Retiring People

There was a time when people got mortgages at a young age and paid them off before they retired. But new figures from Prudential have revealed this is becoming less likely today.

The insurer has found a proportion of those retiring in 2017 will still have outstanding mortgage payments to make. Currently, 38% of retirees […]

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Predictions for the Mortgage and Housing Market in 2017

Can we predict what the next 12 months may bring for the mortgage market? Many experts have attempted to do this, but there is some disparity among their ideas.

Even the quickest look at search engine results for news on house price and mortgage predictions for the New Year reveals a wide range of beliefs. […]

Property Investor Survey Reveals What Landlords Expect in 2017

Twice yearly, Mortgages for Business conducts their Property Investor Survey. The most recent survey began on 11th November 2016 and was conducted over the space of a fortnight. Some 283 property investors participated in the survey and the results have just been released. They make interesting reading, especially regarding how landlords are viewing changes […]

Council of Mortgage Lenders Adjusts Mortgage Forecasts Down for 2017

As we come to the end of 2016, all eyes are looking forward to next year and to the possibility that mortgage lending may experience a drop. That’s what the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has estimated will happen, per its most recent forecast for the year.

Expectations put forth a year ago have now […]

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Is the UK Housing Market Beginning to Slow Down?

All eyes have been on the housing market since the Brexit vote occurred back in June. Many supposed people might want to wait to see the outcome of the vote and to see how the decision affected the housing market and associated mortgages.

After some initial hesitancy, everything seemed to settle down again. However, the […]

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