As people are starting to gain back confidence in buying, and there are slow signs of improvement in the property market, now may be the time to invest. Below is a list of the top ten places to invest in the UK that provide great transport links for commuters and still offer a piece of the countryside.

1. Exeter

Expect to find a prime-location one-bedroom apartment for around £130,000 in this popular town in Devon. New business parks are popping up all over the place making the area increasingly popular and it is easy to get around, as Exeter is located just of the M5. On top of great transport links, Exeter is also home of the high performing school, Exeter University.

2. Kent

Kent is easily the countryside favourite for commuters, with lovely green landscapes on one side and a 20-minute train ride to the city on the other, Kent could be described as the ideal location for the modern working family. The prices for family homes are still reasonable priced and you can get you and your loved ones a family home for around £200,000.

3. Milton Keynes

Another town with excellent links to the city is of course Milton Keynes; built for commuters Milton Keynes is the best of both worlds. You may picture the city as just concrete and roundabouts but don’t let the talk fool you, new suburbs are popping up all around Milton Keynes, offering vast amounts of land and apartments for around £150,000.

4. Corby

Corby has unfortunately been branded with a bad reputation that hasn’t been true for a long time now. Once known as the place for cheap housing but high unemployment and crime rates, Corby has really turned itself around. In recent years the city centre has been given a generous facelift and houses are still pretty nicely priced with property prices starting at around £90,000.

5. Aberdeenshire

Recently voted as having the best quality of life in Scotland, there are plenty of reasons to buy in Aberdeenshire.  The area is steeped in history and full of archaeological sites but still a stone’s throw away from the City of Aberdeen, so it is perfect for getting around. You can get yourself a small house for around £250,000.

6. Oxford

Though Oxford is not the cheapest place to buy, it is a fantastic investment. Even during the recession, the city has proved resilient and the market has stayed strong. East Oxford is closest to the M40 and house prices average at about £500,000.

7. Basingstoke

Home of many UK headquarters like ST Ericsson, GAME, Motorola and BNP Paribas, Basingstoke is an economic centre with lots to offer. On top of being a business hub, it has easy train links to London, Southampton and Reading. Expect to get a three-bedroom for around £190,000 or a small apartment for under £100,000.

8. Yorkshire market towns

Want picture perfect views without giving up important amenities, buy in one of the many Yorkshire market towns. You can get apartments from £70,000, perfect for investment, and still enjoy the lush landscapes or Yorkshire.

9. Newport

Newport may seem like ugly duckling of this list but the area is most certainly sought-after. The whole city and riverside is being given glamorous makeover and it is still only 12 miles or so away from Cardiff. Decent sized houses start at £160,000 and you can grab yourself a new apartment for around £125,000.

10. Central Birmingham

It may sound like a wildcard but there are plenty of reasons to buy in Birmingham right now. The construction of High Speed 2, the controversial rail link, has been given the green light for ‘phase 1’ which links Birmingham to London in just 49 minutes making Birmingham the one to watch and a place to invest. Prices in the city centre are still great value and you can bag yourself a top-end flat for a surprising £200,000.

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