In an ever competitive world of mortgages it is imperative that you have access to the latest deals and offers, ensuring that the right solution can be found and secured at the first attempt. Our brokers have the use of “State of the Art” technology, which means they are constantly kept up to date with the latest lender deals and ever changing rates. Their software ensures that the information they have to hand is updated on a daily and in some circumstances twice daily basis.

The brokers technology platform gives them access into the lenders own IT infrastructure allowing client information to be uploaded directly to mortgage underwriters, electronic credit scoring systems, immediate costing and quoting facilities. The beauty of this being that our brokers can obtain an instant decision in principle from the majority of lenders giving you peace of mind and the benefit of having a lenders pre approval when negotiating the purchase of your new property.

Our brokers will record in real time your enquiry via a customer relationship management system – not all our brokers utilize this. The CRM system ensures that they are always proactive in terms of letting you know, before you need to ask, exactly where you are in the mortgage approval process. In the unusual event that you would need to contact them for an update, everything that has occurred from the moment you first ask them to arrange your mortgage including problems with lenders, dealings with estate agents and your solicitors are kept continually up to date which guarantees that no matter who you speak with in their company they will be able to instantly provide you with the exact status of your mortgage application.

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