What is The Mortgage Broker Ltd?

The Mortgage Broker Ltd is a consumer website that provides mortgage enquiries to a preferred panel of fully regulated and qualified Mortgage Brokers who offer a whole of market mortgage service.

When was The Mortgage Broker Ltd founded?

July 2011

Who owns The Mortgage Broker Ltd?

The owner of The Mortgage Broker Ltd is Darren Pescod.

What is the age of the owners?

Darren Pescod is 43 years old.

Where are you located?

The head office is based in St Neots, Cambridgshire.

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What makes you so different than other companies?

We believe that the days of the generalist are dead. With so many different mortgage types now on offer in a complex and competitive mortgage market no one mortgage adviser can claim to be an expert in all areas. Here at The Mortgage Broker Ltd the advisers we pass your enquiries to work in specialist groups only dealing with a specific mortgage type. This allows them to offer clients absolute expertise in the area of their interest ensuring that they source the right mortgage to suit your individual requirements First Time – Every Time. With top quality professional advice supported by a dedicated administration teams handling each individual mortgage from application through to completion we like to think the brokers we use offer clients an exception customer service experience.

I’d like to interview the owners of The Mortgage Broker Ltd. Who should I contact?

You can contact Darren Pescod to set up interviews or get further background for any press coverage.

I have a business request relating to your products and/or sites (advertising, sponsorship requests, cross-promotions, etc.). Who should I talk to?

Darren Pescod