Why Place Your Mortgage Enquiry With Us

There are 100′s of different mortgage companies and no one adviser can state that they are an expert in all of the lenders schemes, products, criteria and niches. Here at The Mortgage Broker Ltd our panel of mortgage advisers work in specialist teams that deal with only one specific mortgage type such as residential mortgages and re-mortgages, buy to let finance, offset mortgages and bad credit mortgages. This allows the mortgage advisers to have a greater in depth knowledge of the lenders within their specialist field. This gives you a better understanding and in depth knowledge of the product they are advising you on rather than a generalist view of a host of lenders.

Our Expertise At Your Disposal

The expertise the brokers have in the market place combined with direct access to the lenders underwriters and decision makers (for the more complex scenarios) will allow them to advise you on the correct mortgage in a speedy and efficient manner – getting it right first time. We receive numerous calls from new clients who are dissatisfied with the speed of service or incorrect placement of their initial mortgage by a previous mortgage adviser or broker due to their lack of knowledge and expertise in lender criteria which ultimately ends up wasting your time and money.

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A Broker Service for the Lifetime of Your Mortgage

Once you have dealt with and feel comfortable with the professional service that your mortgage broker offers, what could be easier over the lifetime of your mortgage than dealing with that broker again? Your broker will hold all the information regarding your mortgage application and when your current deal is about to expire they will have all the facts at hand to offer you a new and competitive product within minutes. Compare this to walking into every high street bank, spending hours at a time repeating all your personal information only to be offered what we can do in one call.

We Work for You – Not the Lender

When you place your mortgage business with your new mortgage broker you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that they will be working 100% for you – not the lender. They will always source and recommend the product and Mortgage Lender best for you – not for them. Rest assured, they will not be swayed by lenders incentives to place business with them just because they are offering higher commission or other inducements.

Working for you – not the lender also means that they will fight hard (and they do!) with the lender to get your application through to completion as soon as possible. Being a mortgage broker client ensures that you get the level of service you deserve.


Your Best Interests are at the Heart of Everything the broker will offer

Doing the job professionally and providing you with the most suitable deal based on your personal circumstances, gift wrapped with a fantastic customer service experience through to mortgage completion is the norm for the brokers we refer business to. Working for you is the reason they are in business, without you they don’t have a business and they are fully aware of this fact. You are their customer, they will work with your interest at heart and they will appreciate you placing your trust in them to deliver the best mortgage solution for you.