Investment and insurance provider Legal & General published its 10-point “Mortgage Manifesto” this week. In it, Legal & General detailing 10 ways in which the government, lenders, mortgage brokers and borrowers themselves can do in order to help buck up the mortgage market this year.

Here they are:

1. The government should waive stamp duty for second-time buyers.
2. The government should pledge to help build more homes in high-demand areas.
3. The mortgage industry should be more transparent on the availability of home loans.
4. The mortgage industry should work with government to give long-term renters a better chance of a mortgage.
5. Mortgage intermediaries should be recognised for offering borrowers the greatest level of choice.
6. Mortgage advisors should do more to make the right decisions and fix the best rates.
7. Advisors should do more to make first-time buyers aware of all their options – and should help parents help their children on to the property ladder as well.
8. Wherever possible, borrowers should seek to overpay or offset their mortgage debts.
9. More homeowners should be taking advantage of the historically low base rate of interest.
10. Everyone involved in mortgages should be doing their best to talk up the mortgage market, and the wider economy.

Some of these points may seem obvious, or at the very least vague, but Legal and General are doing good service here by pointing out that everyone has their part to play in making mortgages easier, cheaper and more widely available for current homeowners – and the next generation too.